Our Staff.

Oaks of Righteousness is grateful to have an amazing God loving staff who works effortlessly to make sure 

everything run smoothly in our Church. 

3B. Elder Ramesh Ramnarine - Evangelism.HEIC

Ramesh Ramnarine

Elder - Outreach


Decon Lennox Francis

Facility Manager

5. Decon Christine Francis - Treasurer .HEIC

Decon Christine Francis



Jude Delma

Media Oversight Director


Eddy Adula

Men's Ministry


Ann Marie Faria Adula

Administrative Assistant


Carole Gballou

Administrative Support

10. Jennifer Djamboleka - Administrative Support.HEIC

 Jennifer Djamboleka

Administrative Support

photo mar 25, 10 15 06 am.jpg

Jonathan Assani

Media Team Lead

12. Willy Angus - Media Team member.HEIC

Willy Angus

Media Team Member

13. Andy Kasanda - Media Team member.HEIC

Andy Kasanda

Media Team Member

14. Junior Kalala - Media Team member.HEIC

Junior Kalala

Media Team Member


Jessy Kabengele

Sunday School

Super Attendant


Natasha Madymba

Social Coordinator 

17. Marvely Lauther - Social coordinator..HEIC

Marvely Lauther

Social Coordinator 

18. Sandrine Matenda - Event coordinator.HEIC

Sandrine Matenda

Event Coordinator 

19. Emmanuel Mulumba - Service and Moderation.jpg

Emmanuel Mulumba

Service & Moderation

20. Arlene Ramnarine - Service and Moderation.HEIC

Arlene Ramnarine

Service & Moderation

21. Dicky Kizito - Men’s Ministry.HEIC

Dicky Kizito

Men's Ministry

22. Natalie Kalambay - Service and Moderation.jpg

Natalie Kalambay

Service & Moderation

23. Alice Delma - Women’s Ministry.HEIC

Alice Delma

Women's Ministry 

24. Joshua Buaba - Business Strategy and Development.HEIC

Joshua Buaba

Business Strategy & Development 

25. Blessing Madymba - Service and Moderation.HEIC

Blessing Madymba

Service & Moderation

26. Lilyane Kasanda - Sunday School Attendant .HEIC

Lilyane Kasanda

Sunday School Attendant

27. Brother Jude - Intern Pastor.HEIC

Brother Jude

Intern Pastor